Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Syndic Literary Journal

The Syndic Literary Journal edited by LeRoy Chatfield  has devoted a whole page to my work in issue #11 in both textual and audio versions. You get: "Seventh Street," a short story fragment from Poison and Antidote, "What if Words?" a poem from Sojourner, and "Liberation," an as yet unpublished prose poem from my Paradoxa series. Enjoy! Comment! Share! Make me (in)famous!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two-Part Interview

Hello all,

It seems like I've been everywhere but here lately. Mostly I've been re-writing and preparing one MS for publication this summer, and my first novel for publication next year. As I get ready for my summertime USA trip--stay tuned for reading dates to celebrate the new book, Poison and Antidote, a collection of 9  Bohemian tales of San Francisco during the bleak Reagan era--I've been guest blogging and getting interviewed by the fabulous Ela Vasilescu, a Romanian-born Florentine Writer of enormous talent. It's a long interview (I'm old!) but there's a treat at the bottom--just like in a box of colorful and sugary kid's breakfast cereal: a video Dorin Vasilescu made for my poem "Fires on Monkey Island." At last, all of my secrets revealed! Enjoy!


Part I


Part II