Thursday, November 24, 2016

"The Scrovegni damnation"

The Scrovegni damnation
suspended, the chapel
I will not see this morning;
crisp, fall, Padovan
foschia and revolution.
A kneeling dog
Before the museum.
Religion of the elite
who keep churches
as churches
once kept relics.
“Boys keep swingin’,
boys always work it out.”

Kidnapped that girl
because her father
,a Vatican official,
who, no doubt,
don’t give a shit
about this Roman amphitheater,
but did something nasty
to somebody...

power we do things
and consequences
fall on women
                        we conceive
of as other, as ours, as
a social commodity.
The Scrovegni loaned

and we paid interest
at the Vatican bank
in blood.