Friday, March 11, 2016

Newly uploaded to Bandcamp, Sputnik, the aural companion to my anthology of stories and poems about the mystery of place, Sojourner. Here for your streaming and downloading pleasure are 17 pieces from the book and two others that didn't quite make the cut, performed a Capella, with drums, with music, and sometimes other, more interesting sounds. If you already own the book, help yourself to this free download, otherwise consider donating a bit o' cash towards all the artist's hard work here, or sending me a whopping 15 Euro through Bandcamp/Paypall, for which I will mail you a signed paperback copy of Sojourner anywhere in Europe, the US, or Canada.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

San Francisco

It’s a sad
truth, how appreciation
springs from lack.
Black night’s agonies
trickle from my fingers
in stoic philosophies—
I die a thousand deaths
in my mind.

I am I, saddest
motherfucking truth
there is. The fog
lifts and I sit
on wooden steps
—Espresso and an Export
‘A’—and live again.

Do we all throw
away lives so easily,
so thoroughly? Lee
And Debra, Lee and Debra.
Debra and Lee. Eurydice,
Eurydice, Eurydice.

San Francisco