Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Art of Combustion

Plain as the stone on your face.
Row your safety to napalm
notes, afraid as flame shrinking
from water ‘n’ crackling for air.

                                    There is a life
in chemical reactions. Raw materials
colliding, combusting, and accruing
sedimentary corrosion.

                                    Moving elements collide,
redefine neutrons in an atomic closet, abide
in particle performances and material matters—
The touch

                        Of Mark Pauline’s fingers,
caught between machines
and the nature of unstable
science’s elemental tenements,

                                     both positive
and negatively charged.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Glare of shoosh"

Glare of shoosh,
Din of protest, personal
and urgent, meaningless
shrieking babies. They know
life is miserable. But we learn
to smile, learn to love the living
hell in our loins, the dull ache
of solitude in the circle
of those who claim to have our back
and tell us we are not
fat. I am a fat fuck
,on an airplane, dreaming
of skewering the tiny larynx
of a baby with a prickly
plastic fork—unrepentant.

Munich-San Francisco, in transit