Thursday, May 21, 2020

Here is chapter Nine of the Fake Novel, performed by yours, truly and talented musician Robert English (50% of the band Nominal State) with some neat visuals. The novel was published on May 1st, 2020, International Worker's Day, just before all hell broke loose. It's a savage literary punk rock anarchist satire of all things Trump as well as politics and capitalism in general. The narrative pretty successfully combines the humor and horror genres. It uses the F-word a lot (4 times in the book trailer alone!) And yet it yearns for a peaceful revolution and a saner future for this world of bullies and pretend victims on TV.

Wake up, sheeple.  Fake is the new real.  The false must be told.

You can order the novel from your local bookshop or directly from the author (paypal $15 or 15 Euro to for US, Canada, Europe and UK including postage), or online bookstores--but please avoid Amazon and other predatory capitalists.

Play this as loud as your computer goes.

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